Private Coaching


The Scandinavian Intensive Workshops are designed to offer a full introduction to the The Modern Method Acting Technique I have developed and practiced for the last 30 years.

I will introduce and practice: Relaxation, Sensory and Dream work, Improvisation, Active Imagination, Available Circumstances, Body Work, Animal Work, and a series of emotional and imaginative exercises designed to activate and stimulate the actor's imaginative and emotional instrument.

The day begins with relaxation and body work followed by emotional and imaginative exercises. We take a lunch break midday and the afternoon session consists of improvisations, dream work, cold readings and scenes and monologues. We encourage participants to bring in original work as well as more traditional pieces and often people work on projects they are developing or preparing for. Students are also welcome to bring auditions into the class. We encourage participants to film their work as it is a great learning tool and a way for students to record and build on the pieces they create if they wish to develop them. We will never share any material without the participant’s consent.

As I have been teaching in Europe for 6 years now, the workshops are a wonderful mix of students who have worked together over the years and new participants. It is always a dynamic and inspiring group and my hope is the techniques and relationships help to build a foundation that grows and deepens with time. Many Students from Europe come to visit our studios in New York and Los Angeles and we always welcome them with open arms. I also teach workshops on Zoom so we can all continue to work and keep in touch between the intensives.