Private Coaching

Private Coaching

My private coaching sessions address the actor’s specific needs in an intimate, supportive and intensive setting. I work with each person differently according to his or her abilities and goals. Some of my clients have even been known to call it jokingly “couture coaching”. I am a Method-based teacher but am happy to work with people from all different orientations and work in the way they feel is most comfortable and beneficial, using “the method” to strengthen and add to their technique.

Working one on one we can form a clear plan of how to best fulfill their goals whether it be in a single session where they are preparing for a specific audition or a series of sessions where they are creating the foundation of a technique or preparing a character they have already been cast as for a movie, series or play. I work privately with clients of all levels and my only requirement is a passion for acting and a commitment to learning and growth.

For professional actors with scheduling or privacy issues the one on one session gives us the ability to create a cohesive consistent work environment where we are addressing their specific needs.

For new actors we begin by creating a foundation and strong technique through relaxation, sensory exercises, script interpretation and the performance of monologues and scenes. We can also do on-camera work when they reach that point.

For a performer who might be transitioning from another performing art- singing or dancing for example we will maximize the skills they already possess and introduce new tools and techniques they have not yet explored.

For the seasoned performer we are usually working on a particular audition or project they are trying out for or already cast in. I do have a very good digital hard drive Camera with lighting and a mike so I am able to make audition tapes with people which is a big asset because they are being coached as they act and I can act opposite them behind the camera, something that an actor is rarely given at an actual audition.

Private coaching is particularly helpful to an actor who wishes to address a specific concern and has limited time. Or an artist who is working on a Movie or TV series where there is rarely any rehearsal time. When an actor is already cast we always try to get the director’s input and vision before we begin so we insure we are working in the right direction. The seasoned actor will come to me for help with their character development and rehearsal process. Coaching allows the actor the opportunity to rehearse and get another perspective so they can arrive at the set confidant and prepared and excited to begin their journey.

Sheila’s rates for private coaching – Hourly, daily, on set and on location are available upon request.

Please note we have a minimum of 24hours cancellation policy.