Private Coaching

Dream Work

In our dreams we are all writers, directors and artists. We effortlessly create stories( narratives?), dialogues, sets and even music. Dream work teaches you how to access your imagination and unconsciousness in new and exciting ways. It will give you the key to your unconscious and enable you to use its powerful poetic language to deepen and enliven your work. The language of dreams is poetic and distilled (synthesized) so that a single image or event can contain worlds and have a powerful impact. Your dreams will facilitate your deep and unconscious instincts and impulses and bring them to the surface, so that you can employ them in your improvisation and scene work.

The structure of dream work is: giving yourself a dream assignment by asking your unconscious mind a question, writing down the dream you receive, engaging with the powerful elements of the dream through active imagination, sensory and performance and then applying it to your character, improvisation and scene work. Often you will receive powerful dreams without actually asking for them as well when you are working on a project as your unconscious naturally aligns with your daily concerns and activities. Many actors, writers, directors, singers and painters I have worked with have developed powerful pieces that were born from their dreams.

I look forward to exploring this uncharted terrain with you.