Performance Enhancement

Through the years I have worked with many non- actors to strengthen their communication, performance and presentation skills. I am able to teach people tools that help them relax, find their center, discover and define what it is they want to say, gauge their audience and learn how to communicate and connect with them. We define their goals and decide how to best reach them within the performance or presentation and then rehearse doing so through relaxation, script, improvisation, repetition and feedback. I do have a digital video camera, which we can use for a performer to be able to see, evaluate and learn from what they have done.

These techniques and skills can be applied to people with varied needs and goals. I have, of course worked with many actors on their interview skills. I have worked with public speakers, artists, executives, politicians, teachers, salesmen and lecturers. I have worked with designers on how to present or sell their products to buyers or even on the QVC channel. I have worked with singers on their performance style, videos, and freedom of expression and interview skills. I have worked with models and athletes who have campaigns and suddenly have to represent a brand and speak publicly and maintain a certain image or become a spokesperson for a brand or charity.

Sheila’s rates: Hourly, daily, on set and on location are available upon request.