This class focuses on the basics and fundamentals of sensory work. Students will do their own relaxation and exercises simultaneously. Specific assignments will be given to students according their individual levels and particular needs. I will ask you to practice during the week so that you can derive the maximum benefits from class time. For the most part, students will not work for the entire two hours, so you may come at a time that is most convenient for you. However, be aware that class does not run late. Therefore, if you arrive late you will have less time to work.

I cannot stress enough how important I believe sensory skills are as a foundation from which to develop your craft.


This class begins with a fifteen minute guided relaxation. I require students come prepared with rehearsed material, cold reading or audition material. A scene or monologue should not exceed fifteen minutes since every student works in each class. It is helpful to bring a copy of the material you wish to perform, as I may not always be familiar with the piece. I do not assign material for this class; I prefer that students pick material that speaks to them personally, although I am happy to offer suggestions. It is important that once you have selected a piece you, you read the entire play or screenplay. It is difficult to comprehend depth and range of a character without being familiar with the context from which he or she emerges. This also applies to audition material whenever possible.

After you have presented your work, you will have an opportunity to speak about what you were trying to accomplish and reflect on your experience. Constructive feedback from the class and myself will enable you to further your work.

For this class, I prefer that students have some previous experience, as I do not take time to explain the fundamentals of technique. In some instances, I will make exceptions.


This class begins with guided relaxation and preparation for the work that will follow. The class consists mostly of structured improvisation. Since the student is not working with scripted material, this class encourages working with your own impulses, intuition and emotional resources to focus more on belief in character and circumstances and less on the written text. We will also work with audition material and camera work occasionally. This work will ultimately teach an actor to bring greater depth and freedom to any given text and to become familiar with the audition process Students of all levels are welcome to participate in this class.