Classes are on-going throughout the year with a break for major holidays and there are NO classes during the month of August. For regular updates please like and join ‘Sheila Gray Acting Coach’ fan page on Face Book, or email us and ask to join our class group emails and follow us on instagram @sheilanieves61.

Zoom Classes

Zoom enables me to work with clients anywhere in the world with ease. Since covid most of my coaching has been on Zoom and even when a student is in the same city we often use zoom for convenience and safety.

Private Coaching

My private coaching sessions address the actor’s specific needs in an intimate, supportive and intensive setting. I work with each person differently according to his or her abilities and goals. Some of my clients have even been known to call it jokingly “couture coaching”. I am a Method-based teacher but am happy to work with people from all different orientations and work in the way they feel is most comfortable and beneficial, using “the method” to strengthen and add to their technique.

Dream Work

In our dreams we are all writers, directors and artists. We effortlessly create stories( narratives?), dialogues, sets and even music. Dream work teaches you how to access your imagination and unconsciousness in new and exciting ways. It will give you the key to your unconscious and enable you to use its powerful poetic language to deepen and enliven your work.

Performance Enhancement

Through the years I have worked with many non- actors to strengthen their communication, performance and presentation skills. I have worked with public speakers, artists, executives, politicians, teachers, salesmen and lecturers. I have worked with designers on how to present or sell their products to buyers or even on the QVC channel. I have worked with singers on their performance style, videos, and freedom of expression and interview skills. I have worked with models and athletes who have campaigns and suddenly have to represent a brand and speak publicly and maintain a certain image or become a spokesperson for a brand or charity.


Sheila is available for private coaching at her office in New York, or for skype/phone sessions. Please contact, Leone, at the office to make an appointment: 212-787-0491. Or email us via the website Contact page.