For the past year I have coached people via Skype with tremendous success. This enables me to work with clients any where in the world with ease and without the cost of a long distance phone call. In the last 6 months I have worked with clients in Indonesia, Australia, England, The Carribean , Los Angeles and New Jersey.

Skype enables us to approximate the intimacy of a private session over long distances. We are able to see each other and work out the physicality of a scene as well as the dialogue and internal life of the character. Since many of my clients are auditioning or working on-camera, it allows me to see how they are registering on film, which is a great asset.

I have also been able to put people on tape for auditions via Skype where they can record my voice and look into their own camera. This enables us to rehearse and create an audition tape where I can act opposite them without being seen, as I would do in a tape we produce in my office. The client can then send the tape directly via Mobile Me or You Send It and have a permanent copy for themselves as well.

I am very excited to have this new mode of working and encourage people to try it as it produces wonderful and surprising results.


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