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I believe that acquiring finely tuned sensory skills provides a crucial foundation from which actors can develop, deepen and refine their skills.
This class focuses on the fundamentals of sensory work.
Class begins with a self-guided relaxation followed by assigned sensory exercises. The students work simultaneously as I offer feedback and specific adjustments. Though this is a fundamentals class, advanced actors often participate in order to work on a specific issue, audition or role. At the end of each class, students will have the opportunity to sit with me individually and discuss their work. At this time I assign the following week’s exercise according to each student’s particular level and needs.


I have designed this class for experienced actors in order to simulate a professional audition and rehearsal experience. In my class an actor has the opportunity to present work, receive feedback and offer critique each class. Students are given a partner and are asked to choose and prepare a scene of their choice. The scene work begins with a cold reading, which is followed by an improvisation. The students are encouraged to apply the feedback and experience gained from these first two exercises to the rehearsal of the scene itself. I ask the actors to present the scene 3 – 4 times so the performers can evolve and derive the full benefit of the class. I also welcome audition and original material on a case by case basis. Please bring 3 copies of all scripted material to class. In addition I ask that students have at least two monologues ready to be worked on at all times. A monologue is an actor’s calling card.

This is a class that requires a minimum of a two month commitment and you must have a foundation of Sensory work, or at least be taking the sensory class in conjunction with the advanced class, in order to be able to attend.

You are allowed one make-up per month in this class, in an alternate class, within the same month.
In this class everyone is required to have a scene partner and to be working consistently with them on that scene.
In addition, each actor is expected to have at least 2 monologues they can work on at any given time.

The scene and monologue class is an advanced class that is created to simulate a professional rehearsal and performance experience.
If you are not able to make this commitment please take an alternate class that best suits your needs and level.

Payment for this class is due at the beginning of the month in cash, for the full two month commitment and is not transferable beyond the one make up each month that I have previously mentioned.

I look forward to our on-going work together.


This is a challenging class open to students of all levels. We begin this class with a guided relaxation after which students perform structured improvisations. The improvisations are both dramatic and comedic and often based on material that students in the class are auditioning for or working on for a specific project. This gives students the chance to address character work, as the roles and genres are varied. One week an actor will play a criminal or a cop, only to appear as a celebrity, alien or scientist the next.

Through improvisation students are encouraged to discover and trust their own instincts and emotional resources. They are encouraged to listen, take chances and be in the moment. This process allows them to ultimately bring greater freedom, depth and understanding to any text. Writers and directors are welcome to participate in this class to develope their material or better learning how to communicate with the actors.


This class shapes the gifts young performers naturally possess into a solid foundation critical for their future growth and accomplishment. We begin class dancing in a circle to music chosen by the student’s using physical and vocal exercises to best engage and harness everyone’s energy. Many of the initial exercises feel like games and are fun and invigorating but have a specific purpose and effect. Students will learn how to discover their own voices and to put them effectively into imaginary circumstances and characters.

In this class we do sensory work, improvisation, story telling and the interpretation and performance of scripted material. Students are welcome to bring in audition or original material, and please bring in 3 copies of all written work. These classes, like the students who take them, are so spirited and exhilarating that my more mature students often attend for the pure joy of it.

“Sheila Gray is a magnificent force! Our child joined her Children’s Acting class as soon as it was launched because we already knew of her reputation as a sought after acting coach.  Our daughter has blossomed in the class, opening up, losing much of her inhibition and she’s having a blast!” Dee Mainieris

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Class Description

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