A note from my dear student, Chelsea Lopez, who is on set filming upstate- Inspiration for us all…..
“….As I become close with the other cast members I realize how truly blessed I am to be learning sensory from you and how rare it is to have such access at my command. I don’t feel nervous at all, and finally my hard work is paying off. I just wanted to thank you for the past ten years……”


8 responses to “20/02/2014”

  1. Paola Baldion says:

    That’s beautiful 😉

  2. Kim Lopez says:

    So true and heartfelt and well deserved the girls are so blessed to have you as there coach and mentor!!!!

  3. Chelsea LJ Lopez says:


  4. Chloe Cmarada says:

    I couldn’t agree with Chelsea more! The gift of your sensory technique has been the greatest gift of my adult life as an artist! Love you Sheila!

  5. Mary Lopez says:

    So proud of you Chelsea!! Sheila will always be the best <3

  6. Juliet Brett says:

    I agree to infinity!! Xox


    Thanks everyone. I wanted to inspire with Chelsea speaking of using the sensory on set. Wouldn’t have posted the Hank you but Leone got to it first;) xoxo

  8. Taylor Lopez says:


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