Berlin, Germany-5 Day Workshop-DECEMBER, 2021-TBD

Five Day Intensive Acting Workshop-S.Gray:

This workshop will be a survey class of tools an actor can implement while rehearsing and performing with an emphasis on film technique. Since working in film is an intimate process with the camera picking up subtleties we will focus on how to develop privacy in a public setting and how to create a rich internal life and inner dialogue that the camera will then pick up. This will enable the actors to embody the characters and the stories they tell in a realistic and unique way. We will work on preparation, concentration and the physicality for the scenes in order to bring the intensity and depth which make film scenes so dynamic and exciting. I will often interject during an exercise or scene in order to guide it and accustom the actor to taking direction in the moment.

27-31st July 2020
11-5pm Each day.

Follow this link to pay online via Schott Studio

Berlin, Germany-5 Day Workshop-DECEMBER, 2021-TBD

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