Audition Monologue Workshop for the Public Performing Arts High Schools- 4th, 11th and 13th October, 2019


This workshop will focus on helping the students find and prepare two contrasting monologues, one comedic, one dramatic, with which to audition for these Acting Schools. In the initial four-hour introductory class we will work on getting to know each student’s voice and comfort level so that we can select pieces that best reflect his and her individual strengths and gifts. It is important that the students find pieces they can relate to and can believably communicate with passion and ease.

“Thanks to Sheila Gray’s AUDITION MONOLOGUE WORKSHOP FOR THE PUBLIC PERFORMING ARTS HIGH SCHOOL my daughter was accepted into her top choice high school, the drama program at Fiorello Laguardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. My daughter had little drama experience, but possessed a love of acting. Sheila taught her everything she needed to know to successfully audition from selecting the right monologues, memorizing and emotionally connecting to them, and then, how to stay calm and focused during the actual audition and callback. Sheila knows how to create a warm nurturing classroom environment while pushing her students to be more daring and confident. What’s more, my daughter loved going to the class and made some wonderful new friends.” Lori Pollan

“Sheila brought me out of my shell and pushed me to get out of my comfort zone, and I am incredibly grateful to her for that. I was accepted into LaGuardia’s drama program and I owe all of it to this crazy, amazing teacher!” Mica Bahn

“As I faced the daunting task of helping my daughter prepare for the drama auditions for the performing arts high schools, I was surprised to find numerous vocal coaches, visual arts classes and no recommendations for acting. A well known agent told me about Sheila. Although, Sheila usually works as a professional coach, my daughter felt right at home in her class. Most important she was prepared and confident in all of the performing arts high school auditions – at one school the kids from Sheila’s class led 20 nervous 8th Graders through relaxation exercises! The class has it all – rigor, high expectations, fun and most of all strong community building -My daughter made wonderful friends and all of the kids who worked hard and followed through got into the schools they wanted. Sheila is amazing!” Sharon Lehner

“I came to Sheila at a time of vulnerabitlity, as an international 18 year old student, attempting to find my way through the frightening process of preparation for college program auditions. I was unprepared and in a short time Sheila’s talent nurtured my goals and assisted me to perform both comedic and dramatic monoluges, at a correct and safe emotional pace. It allowed me to shine successfully and gain admision into my desired program. Sheila’s combination of knowledge and love for the craft, as well as heart and generosity, will constantly keep me coming back for more.” Arielle Thomas

SCHEDULE October 4th, 11th and 13th 2019:

Friday October 4th : 4-8pm (INTRODUCTORY SESSION)

Friday October 11th : 4-8pm

Sunday October 13th : 2-6pm (FINAL SESSION)

Total of three sessions.
Price : $600.

Audition Monologue Workshop for the Public Performing Arts High Schools- 4th, 11th and 13th October, 2019

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